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Biographie Fanny naturally recognized Liu Feng long ago. At the moment Liu Feng appeared, she knew that she must be all right. The more happy she was, the stronger she was. The strong man of the holy order did not forget himself. At the thought of his revenge, Fanny felt that all the grievances during this period were worth it. But Fanny did not remind Philia that the queen's actions during this period also provoked Fanny very dissatisfied, at this time to see her eat deflated, of course, very happy. Liu Feng shook his head. He was too lazy to waste any more time with this idiot woman. He nodded to Monstock. The Necromancer strode forward, and the guards swarming around him did not care about him at all. Watching the armored man approach, the two maids who controlled Fanny immediately shouted at the same time and made their strongest attack on Monstock, but Monstock only reached out lightly and touched the foreheads of the two maids, and then the heads of the two maids burst like fireworks. The bloody scene made all the people present stupefied, and no one thought that the man in full armor was so hot. Two delicate maids turned into two headless corpses in the blink of an eye. After all, this is the palace, and someone really dares to attack the palace maid here? Are they really not afraid to confront a country? Felia is also completely stunned, although she is also a ruthless figure, but such bloody means still have not seen, the most terrible thing is that the armor man killed as a matter of course,Stainless Steel Toilet China, and after the killing that did not change the breath, is obviously a dangerous person used to killing. And those bodyguards were all soldiers who had just performed very well in the restoration war, so although they were also stunned by Monstock's means, they reacted very quickly, and they quickly reacted, readjusted their direction,Service Sink Faucets, and all rushed to Monstock! Volume XIII Chapter 592 Expulsion Although catching trespassers is important, it is clear that protecting the queen's safety is even more important. These loyal royal bodyguards had the right choice in an instant. Unfortunately, the more than 100 bodyguards just approached Monstock, feeling a flower in front of them, and then they seemed to lose control of their bodies. But in the eyes of the people around him, there was a flash of horror, and the reflection in their pupils showed that more than a hundred guards were separated at the same time as they approached Monstock! It was as if hundreds of steel lines had penetrated the body directly in an instant, and the man in black armor was still so cold and calm. It seemed that everything around him had nothing to do with him. Felia opened her mouth wide, but now her throat was a little dry. She forced herself to swallow saliva. She stared in horror and took two steps back subconsciously: "You …" What are you doing! I am the queen of Northmar! You can't be rude to me! "Idiot.." Liu Feng shook his head, wondering how such a wise man as Granger could marry such an idiot woman as queen. Monstock did not pay any attention to Philia, but gently grabbed Fanny, and then took Fanny to Liu Feng's side. What's going on here? A sudden voice broke the strange scene at this time, Flushometer valve ,Concealed Flush Valve, Granger came in with a livid face, looked at the hundreds of tragic bodies on the ground, and looked at the situation on the field, seemed to be somewhat clear, but not very clear. But see Liu Feng safe and sound appearance, the heart is still relieved, as long as Liu Feng is all right, then want to come is not a big deal. Your Majesty, you must make decisions for me. Seeing Granger appear, Philia's frightened heart finally settled down again. As long as this man was there, she would not believe that anyone in Northmar would dare to hurt her. Because her man is the master of all Northmar. Philia? What the hell happened? Granger had just imagined Liu Feng saluting, but was directly grabbed by Philia's arm, but had no choice but to cast an apologetic look at Liu Feng and asked.
"Your Majesty!"! It's all this guy. I was chatting with Fanny here, but this guy suddenly appeared and killed my two maids without any reason. The most hateful thing is that he killed so many of our loyal guards because he had a nine-level guard. I'm afraid he wanted to do something bad to me. Fortunately, you came back in time, otherwise.. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll only see my body. As she sobbed, Felia complained that her acting skills were so good that even Liu Feng could not say what was not in place. Women are all born actors. Now the direction that Philia points to is Liu Feng unexpectedly, Granger's face suddenly changes greatly, what on earth did this woman just do? Felia didn't notice Granger's face at all. She continued to take Granger's arm and complained, "Your Majesty, you must be in charge. These people not only broke into the harem, but also assassinated me!"! Must destroy the nine clans! My handmaidens, who have accompanied me through life and death for Northmar, have died like this.. "Shut up!" Granger finally could not help but shout angrily, this idiot woman, actually gave him to provoke Nicholas? Is that someone she can mess with? Granger made Philia queen, one is because Philia herself is actually smart, the most important thing is that in the past few years after the destruction of Northmar, there has been an organization that has been working hard for the goal of restoring the country, and the daughter of the organization is Philia, in order to appease the organization of restoring the country, but also to buy people's hearts. Granger then made Philia queen. Originally thought that although Philia had not received any orthodox aristocratic education, but after all, Northmar has just been restored, there are not so many rules in other countries, plus Philia is really smart, should not give him any trouble. But did not expect is,Time Delay Tap, this just how long kung fu, unexpectedly to provoke their own food and clothing parents? If Liu Feng is really unhappy to destroy his Northmar again, who will he cry to. 
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