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Biographie "What a shame!" An Dejian's face sank like water, his voice was neither low nor high, but his figure did not move. Thanks to the world dream, lonely world, chess, clteng book friends brothers reward, I will work hard, shout again, ask for a monthly ticket! (To be continued). If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. (To be continued.) The second volume of the East is about to dawn, the fiftieth section to grasp the sense of propriety (plus more cash for a monthly ticket!) Lu Weimin also heard Zhang Liben's words attached to Andejian, and his heart moved slightly. On this occasion, I'm afraid that neither An Dejian nor Xu Xiaochun will be able to show up. Gou Zhiliang is now also a member of the Fengzhou Prefectural Preparatory Leading Group. It is said that he is very likely to hold an important position in the new Fengzhou Prefectural Party Committee. However, the slight difference between him and An Dejian is that he has not stepped down from the post of Fengzhou County Party Secretary for the time being. He is still concurrently serving as Fengzhou County Party Secretary. Now the relationship between An Dejian and Gou Zhiliang is very delicate. Both of them are secretaries of the county party committee, and both of them are likely to hold leading positions in the Fengzhou area that will soon be established. Under such circumstances, if An Dejian wants to stop it, I am afraid it will easily give outsiders some unnecessary associations. But in this case, if Andejian does not come forward and pretends that nothing has happened, it will not only leave a very bad impression in front of the radar, but also have a great negative impact once outsiders know about it. Thinking of this, Lu Weimin moved and went out: "What are you doing?"? What is this?! What do you want to do? "Eh?"? Where is the thing that doesn't know whether it is alive or dead? Don't you have eyes? The second brother is here. Are you ***ing blind and shouting here? The young man in the plaid shirt suddenly turned around and stared at Lu Weimin who had come out with his gloomy eyes. "Oh, that belt was not fastened properly, and you were exposed?" Around is Lu Weimin has long been psychologically prepared, or by the other side's vicious words to get angry, how can this bastard mouth so smelly? "If you don't rinse your mouth after eating excrement,Automatic Nail Making Machine, go to the tap as early as possible and have a good rinse!"! Or who has no one to raise such a brute who can't speak human language? Lock up in the barn as soon as possible to teach a lesson! Lu Weimin at this time also can not care about a lot, bloody anger was ignited all of a sudden, no matter who the ***, there are Andejian and radar these people in the back, no matter how can not suffer losses. Lu Weimin's scolding made him so angry that it was probably the first time that he met this kind of thing in Fengzhou City. The plaid shirt rushed forward and wanted to pull Lu Weimin's chest shirt. Lu Weimin is also not polite, long-term training so that he is far better than these roles in terms of strength and flexibility, reaching out to fend off each other's hands, the other hand took advantage of the situation to push hard. The other party had already drunk some wine and was pushed by Lu Weimin's fierce block. Suddenly, he stumbled back a few steps and almost fell down. If it hadn't been for someone else's support, he would have come on all fours. Damn it, it's the other way around! "Where did this bastard come from? Give it to me!" "Second Brother, this is a deliberate attempt to cause trouble, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine supplier, and none of them can leave!" Like stirring up a hornet's nest, a group of people suddenly became restless and were about to rush up to beat Lu Weimin. There were even two people who had turned their targets to Andejian and Radar, thinking that since these people were together, they would fight together. Radar had already been unable to suppress the fire, and he knew that many of the people opposite were the children of local officials, but the situation in front of him was really unbearable. He could understand that Andejian and other officials were not very good at coming forward, and even he himself felt that he was not good at coming forward. Perhaps Lu Weimin's coming forward was the best solution. Unexpectedly, there is nothing to fear, after Lu Weimin came forward, not only more arrogant, but also beat Lu Weimin, which makes radar feel that some are intolerable.
An Dejian also felt quite difficult, Lu Weimin came forward really let him breathe a sigh of relief, if Lu Weimin came forward to stop this kind of thing, that is the best, but even if it is appeasement, An Dejian also felt acceptable, did not expect the other side to come up is full of feces, listen to him is nameless fire, let alone young people like Lu Wei-min. But this suddenly turned into full force is not what he would like to see, really want to spread out he led a group of cadres and a group of small local ruffians fight, no matter what the reason is, it has to let him pay the political price. But this is not what Andejian wants, at least he Andejian has not been so depressed and flinched. Just thinking about how to deal with the trouble in front of him, Lu Weimin roared: "What do you want to do?"? Is there any law?! "Damn it, who told you the law?!" "You're so ***ing tired of living that you dare to die here!" Several young people had already been unable to hold back and rushed forward to start. Gou Yansheng, are you really going to make trouble for your father?! Lu Weimin suddenly raised his voice. Stop it! Gou Yansheng heart a fear, alcohol suddenly also disappeared a lot, separate the people came forward, looked up and down Lu Weimin, "who the *** are you?"? Dare to be shameless in front of your second brother?! "You don't care who I am, I think if Secretary Gou is here, I'm afraid you can't tolerate such a mess, can you?" Lu Weimin, who is tall and strong, has a loud voice and is full of energy. Gou Yansheng was even more surprised that the other side's words were so big, and the accent was not like the accent of Fengzhou side, but like the taste of Changzhou side. His father repeatedly told him not to stir up trouble outside this period of time, although he did not save trouble, but also know that his father this period of time is a critical period. Fengzhou area is about to be established, his father is likely to be promoted in this period of time,wire nail machine manufacturers, so it is also at home for quite a long time, today just found a chance to relax, did not expect to meet this group of people. 
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