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Biographie Liang Xiao was stunned. "That's very good," he said. "I'll leave while you're sleeping." As soon as he got up, he hesitated again. "It doesn't matter if I leave, but the old man is dizzy, far away from his wife, wandering in Jianghu, which is so pitiful.." He looked at the strange old man for a moment and then thought, "He's not naturally confused, but he seems to have some kind of disease.". It's not too late for me to lie to him to see the doctor before leaving. I want to sit quietly and adjust my breath. Unexpectedly, the strange old man's snoring became louder and louder, and as time passed, it was like thunder, and the tone of his voice fluctuated and varied, and he had the ability to shake his spirit. Liang Xiao was repeatedly interrupted by his breathing, with his snoring and breathing, strange in the heart, got up and looked closely, but saw the strange old man sleeping strange, holding hands in the chest, body soft as an earthworm, breathing between the whole body hair ups and downs, the situation is very strange. Liang Xiao could not help but suddenly said, "I dare to say that he was also working when he was sleeping.". "Oh, don't you think you'll be twice as good as others if you practice day and night?" It was difficult for him to calm down, so he paced to relax. Inadvertently, he walked to a place three feet away from the old man. Suddenly, he saw the old man's body shaking slightly, and two strong winds broke through the air. Liang Xiao dodged in a hurry, but was still hit by one of them. He felt numb for a while. Looking up, he saw the strange old man turn over and snore even louder. He suddenly realized, "No wonder this old man practiced in his dream, and he was not afraid of being disturbed.". But when people and animals approach, he can do it in his sleep. Hey,CNC machining parts, if you can practice when you sleep, what's so strange about fighting? Remembering the strange incident in the yuan camp, he could not help exclaiming, "No wonder those foot soldiers were knocked down when they approached him.". This force comes and goes without a trace. It's really powerful. At that moment, far away, looking up at a bright moon in midair, the shadow of Ah Xue appeared in my heart. The smile of the Iraqi people is still so clear, as if it were right in front of them. The pain in Liang Xiao's heart was beyond measure, and two lines of tears flowed down silently. Just when he was sad, he suddenly felt a stream of True Qi rising from his body and flowing in an unprecedented way. Liang Xiao was startled, and his heart rose,die casting parts, and the True Qi disappeared immediately. He collected himself and realized that he had been unwittingly driven to breathe by the old man's snoring. Breathing is the foundation of internal strength, and the breathing methods of the two of them are corresponding, and the trend of internal force is also gradually consistent. Liang Xiao was curious by nature, and when such a strange thing happened, he couldn't help but sit cross-legged and get rid of the miscellaneous things. After a while, he breathed in harmony with the old man again, and the True Qi walked a few turns as if he had just walked. The path of the light was like waving the fir, the drought was like a trick, the swan base was like a trick, and the new school was like eight graceful Zheng and a total sword? All of a sudden, Liang Xiao ran faster and faster, only to feel the wind through his ears, whine, the scenery in front of him was scattered, and the stars in the sky seemed to be pressing on his head, forcing his eyes to swell and ache. Liang Xiao only felt that the consumption of Dantian True Qi was extremely fast, running less than twenty miles, there was a sense of fatigue, but the legs did not seem to be on the body, just running alternately, as if endless. When he failed to stop several times, he could not help but fear: "If you go on like this, won't you be exhausted to death?" But then he thought, socket screw plug ,car radiator cap, "I have sinned a great deal, and death is light.". Such a way to die is also God's pity. Think of here, his heart is sad, no longer deliberately stop, let it go. Running for dozens of miles, he felt exhausted when he heard someone laughing behind him. Liang Xiao recognized the voice of the strange old man. His mind moved slightly and he heard him say, "Boy, do you want to run away again?" Liang Xiao eyes a flower, that strange old man has grabbed the front, see two people will bump into. The strange old man grinned and suddenly stretched out his hand on Liang Xiao's shoulder. Liang Xiao involuntarily changed his direction and ran around the strange old man in circles. When the strange old man saw his strange appearance, he clapped his hands and laughed wildly. In the laughter, Liang Xiao also did not know to run hundreds of circles, gradually even the wild laughter can not be heard, two eyes suddenly a black, fainted in the past. Blinded, only feel a heat flow in the body to turn around, Liang Xiao spirit slightly, look up, see the strange old man staring at the eyes, look concerned, see him wake up, eyes a dark, and become confused. Liang Xiao calmed down, but felt that his legs were extremely sore. Remembering what had just happened, he could not help smiling bitterly. Weird old man smiles tunnel: "Still run not to run?" Startled, Liang Xiao waved his hand and said, "No, no." "Weird old man laughs:" Good, since do not run, we come gesticulate. Then he raised his fist and hit Liang Xiaomian. Suddenly he stopped and said strangely, "Why don't you fight back?".
"Liang Xiao didn't have a good airway:" My legs are sore and my feet are swollen. I can't stand steadily. How can I fight back? " Disappointed, the strange old man put his hands behind his back and walked up and down angrily. When Liang Xiao saw that the old man could not be quiet for a moment, he really did not know whether to laugh or cry, so he closed his eyes and rested. Not a little while, strange old man pats him to wake up again, grinning tunnel: "Neither fight, we delimit a fist to play." Liang Xiao was so disturbed by him that he couldn't rest. He was so angry that he said coldly, "What's the fun of boxing?" Weird old man laughs: "Very funny, I give a stone, you give a handkerchief, I give a handkerchief, you give scissors..." As he spoke, his hands clenched their fists and made gestures back and forth. Liang Hsiao had no intention of fooling around with him. "You're the oldest," he said. "Why are you still playing these children's tricks?" "It's all right," said the strange old man. "If you don't play children's tricks, just fight with me." When Liang Xiao saw that his eyes were shining when he talked about fighting, he could not help secretly saying that he had bad luck. He weighed the two and chose the lesser of the two. "That's all," he said. "Let's punch." The strange old man was overjoyed, shouting and rolling up his sleeves. The two men punched at the same time, both scissors, one more punch, both handkerchiefs, and the third punch, both stones. In an instant, the two men threw ten punches in a row, all of which were the same. Liang Xiao Daqi raised his eyes to peep, but saw the strange old man with a narrow face, and could not help frowning slightly. And a few punches, two punches are still the same, Liang Xiao can not help but say: "slow down, this punch is strange, you and I always punch the same, how to tell the winner?" The strange old man laughed and said, "It's easy for me to defeat you, but it's very difficult for you to defeat me.". Since the winner or loser is early, everyone will play casually. Liang Xiaohu was puzzled. He recalled that when he fought with him in the yuan camp, every time he made a move, the strange old man could always return the original move. He could not help but feel moved. He gazed at the strange old man and said slowly, "Grandpa, can you see through my mind?" The strange old man shook his head and said,Stainless steel foundry, "No, no, this is what I call'giving shape to things without any form '." 。 
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