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Biographie She looked at the man and woman who came in and raised her eyebrows with some surprise. A girl sitting next to him looked at Song Jiaxi and quietly came over to speak: "Which major are you?"? Why didn't I see you at the last meeting? Song Jiaxi smiled and said in a low voice, "I'm a medical major. I didn't come here last time." "Well, all the people who come to gather this time are freshmen. My name is Yi Xijun. What about you?" Song Jia Xi was stunned for a moment and said, "Song Jia Xi." "Wow." Yi Xijun's eyes brightened and he said with a smile, "It's really predestined. Our names are a bit alike. Which Xi are you?" "The wind is rustling and the water is cold." "I cherish it, but the pronunciation is the same." Song Jia Xi smiled and nodded: "Hello, nice to meet you." Two people know each other in this way, Yi Xijun is a student of the Chinese Department, this time to join the comic club is also entirely because he is very interested in this, want to join more understanding, not to mention that she is a person who likes to read comics, like reading books, join such a club, it is quite helpful for her. The reason why the head of the club called everyone together this time was to let everyone know more about each other and say something important by the way. Good afternoon, everyone. Below is an excited voice: "Hello, Colonel!" Song Jia Xi is holding back a smile below, she participates for the first time, really do not know what kind of situation this club is in the end. One side of Yi Xijun whispered to her: "The head of our club is very funny." "What do you say?" "He speaks very humorously and wittily." Hearing this,collapsible pallet box, Song Jia Xi looked up at the person who was dancing and talking above, and nodded shallowly: "It's really interesting." A boy, can be so cheerful, seems to be really good, no wonder the following girls have been shouting excitedly. The main content of today's meeting is that the head of the delegation wants everyone to give advice and think about a theme for the upcoming New Year's Eve party. Although their cartoon club has no effect, it has to provide some good ideas for New Year's Day every year. By the way,plastic pallet crates, it also allows everyone to rehearse and demonstrate, which is also a proof of their existence, and.. The comic book club produces new comics every week, which are the exclusive comics of the school. Some of them are written and drawn according to reality, and some are compiled by themselves. In short, we need to work together to make the comic book club develop better. After the head of the regiment finished speaking, he especially looked at the people below: "After our discussion, starting from this week, three people in a group will publish what you come up with once a week, and then publish it. As for whether you are looking for the present material or your own imagination, it is all right." Song Jia Xi listened for a while and couldn't help asking, "Who drew that cartoon?" "It's also your own. Just remember to hand in the manuscript when the time comes." Yi Xijun explained to her in a low voice below. After that, she stared at Song Jiaxi suspiciously and asked, plastic pallet manufacturer ,ibc spill containment pallet, "Didn't you know about this when you came to attend?" Song Jia Xi: ".." She really didn't know. At that time, she asked if she wanted to have a meeting or something, so she signed up. What's more, she heard other people say that the comic book club is the most relaxed club, which will think. It seems that I am a little naive. But she also listened quietly, the meeting lasted not long but not short, everyone expressed their views, the discussion time is still a little bit. After the discussion, Song Jiaxi formed a group with Yi Xijun and a girl who studied painting. Their group had to hand in something in early January, so there was still time. After the meeting, Song Jia Xi was ready to go back to the dormitory, just as Yi Xijun also lived with her in a dormitory building, so they made an appointment to go back together. Not long after she went out, Song Jia Xi met an acquaintance. A high school is very familiar, but the university is the first time to see the male students. Yu Yi. Song Jia Xi. Yu Yi called her name, Song Jia Xi thought for a moment, and said a few words to Yi Xijun before he went over to Yu Yi. What a coincidence. Yu Yi smiled faintly and stared at her. "Haven't you been avoiding me?" Song Jia Xi blinked and looked at him with a confused face: "No, when did I hide from you?".
” Yu Yi also did not wear her, staring at her will ask: "There will be classes later?" "Yes." Yu Yi gave a hum and looked at her sideways: "How do you feel recently?" "It's all right." She wanted to think, or a rhetorical question: "You, professional is also OK." If Song Jiaxi remembers correctly, Yu Yi seems to have chosen a management major or something like that. She saw it in the previous class group, but she didn't pay much attention to it. Yu Yi gave a wry smile and shook his head: "It's not as simple as I imagined." Song Jia Xi nodded: "That's all right. You're so smart. It must be all right." Yu Yi stared at her and smiled. "Are you going back to rest now?" "Mmm." "Have dinner together in the evening?" Before Song Jia Xi refused, Yu Yi hurriedly said, "There are several of our former classmates in this school. We all want to get together. You're not so embarrassed, are you?" Song Jia Xi was silent for a while and then asked, "What are the students?" Yu Yi shook his head and looked at her. "No, you don't even know that?" He frowned at her, with some disapproval in his eyes: "Song Jiaxi, is it not good for you to pay attention to your old classmates? You can't have a boyfriend without classmates." Yu Yi said this, Song Jia Xi did not know how to refute. In fact, whether she has a boyfriend or not, she is not so concerned about her classmates. Her character is quite special. In Jiang Yingchu's words, she looks soft, but in fact she is very aggressive. Because she is well protected by Song's father and mother, she speaks bluntly and never knows what speaking skills, which leads to many students not liking her character very much. If you like her, you will think she is very cute and cute. If you don't like her, you will think she is pretentious. So over time, there are only a few people who can chat and play with Song Jiaxi. Of course,plastic bulk containers, in contrast, she will only pay attention to the people she is familiar with, and she will not waste half of her time to pay attention to other students. Sorry 。 
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