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Biographie Suddenly I heard a nice male voice ringing in my ears. Yan Luo withdrew his feet and looked back with a stiff smile, but insisted on asking politely, "What's the matter, sir?" Only then did I really see the face of the man in scarlet clothes. The face was very young, the facial features were delicate, and the tips of the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes were always smiling. The afternoon sun slanted through the window lattice on his angular face, but it was eclipsed by the smile on his lips. However, under such a charming smile, there is still a young and proud man's bearing. In the deep black eyes that greeted her, there was a complex and indiscernible look under the smile. Yan Luo carefully began to breathe, how did not find her luck so good before? The master who saved her life, the man in white who surprised her in the valley, and the young man who was brighter than the sun in front of her eyes, all she met were the best of the best. The young man had not yet spoken, but Mr. Zhu was aggressive. "Where did the young girl come from? That's nonsense!" Yanluo was not annoyed. He smiled and worshipped. His words were gentle but firm. "Yanluo is very offensive. I'm sorry, sir." After a pause, she went on, "But you know very well whether what Yanluo said is true or not.". Jinzhou pepper is produced in Jinzhou, Shaanxi Province, while Sichuan pepper is produced in Chengdu, Guanghan and Tongchuan in western Sichuan Province,hydraulic fitting supplier, just like orange in the south and orange in the north. Although the two are somewhat similar in spirit, the entrance is not the same. "Sir, please consider the nonsense of Yanluo." Mr. Zhu's face was suddenly blue and white, and his eyes were cold in the corners of his slender eyes, but he could not open his mouth to defend himself. When the man in scarlet clothes heard this, he smiled even more deeply and said, "Jinzhou pepper and Sichuan pepper belong to the same kind of pepper. They are very similar in spirit. Since the girl knows this subtle difference, she must have learned from a famous family.". Dare to ask the girl where the teacher is? Yan Luo was startled and suddenly remembered the inculcation of his master before he left the valley. Shifu once told us that Jianghu is dangerous and we should not reveal our identity easily. Although Cuihan Valley is only magical in medical skills,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, there are still not a few people who covet it. Then he immediately worshipped and said, "Yanluo is a local wild bell doctor. I just happened to have seen the local doctor identify these medicinal materials." "Hm?" The man in scarlet clothes raised his eyebrows slightly, smiled brightly but lazily, and showed a trace of cunning in his eyes. Yan Luo had never seen him look like this before. Did it mean that he doubted her nonsense answer? She was just a passer-by, and she had a few more words. Why did he have to get to the bottom of it so shrewdly? But he turned away, his tone was cold, "Mr. Zhu, Miyagi has been purchasing medicinal materials from Mr. Zhu for many years, but I don't want to be so unhappy today.". "If the emperor blames you for this medicinal material, how will you reply?" Mr. Zhu's fat body could not get up on his knees with a thump. He kowtowed repeatedly and hurriedly said, "The little man deserves to die!"! I dare not ask Lord Gu to forgive me. This, this Liu Ji's goods went wrong on the way, failed to reach the capital on time, the villain was confused, 14 tube fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, bought the pepper red near Jinzhou, is afraid of not being able to deliver on time and offend Longyan! And ask your excellency for mercy! My Lord, show mercy! Gu Fangzhi lowered his eyebrows and smiled out loud, but the smile in his eyes was completely hidden, leaving only a piercing chill. He said lightly, "Sir, I have been shrewd all my life. I can't guess whether the truth is as you said, or whether Jinzhou Jiaohong has more profits." At the end of a sentence, Mr. Zhu suddenly turned pale, lost all light in his eyes, and his eyes slipped to the ground, unable to speak for a long time. It was a long time before he kowtowed again and again and said feebly and slowly, "Little man.." The little man knows the death penalty. And please, my Lord.. Punishment.. Gu Fangzhi's lips slowly raised an imperceptible radian, but his face became more and more cold. He raised his hand and said lightly, "Take it down." This is the official. Smoke network in the side to witness the whole process, the heart suddenly rose a chill to the bone. Are you kidding? Such an official who doesn't take human life seriously! Seeing that his gauze scarlet dress turned out to be an official uniform, she was really slow to react. Now she remembered that the master had said that it was worn by officials below the third grade and above the fifth grade. On the surface, he seems to have a warm, gentle and polite smile, but in fact, he can not tolerate the slightest deception and offense. How could she be so foolish to think he was a sunshine man in the first place? She's just a little bell doctor, and she doesn't want to play with her life in his eyes! "Smoke network.".
” When a mellow and lazy male voice floated into my ears, Yanluo was pulling the silk tightly, carrying the skirt legs, and preparing to slip away lightly. After hearing this, I was so annoyed that I stamped my feet. She stopped to look back, smiled like a flower, and asked politely, "Lord Hui, the surname of the civilian girl is Shi.". What's the matter, my Lord? The man in front of her, however, did not agree with her reaction. He still smiled brightly and said softly, "Miss Shi doesn't have to be so polite.". "Fang has not yet thanked me for what happened today." The smile on Yanluo's face stiffened in an instant. Was he reminding her that she had just lost a life because of a moment of bravado? ***ing officer! She scolded angrily in her heart, obviously he did someone else, but also brazenly blamed her on the head of a little woman! So annoyed, the mouth is not leaving a gap to fight back: "Yan Luo talent shallow, how can adults be mentioned in the same breath?"? Had it not been for the fact that adults had already recognized the authenticity of medicinal materials but could not tell them clearly, how could Yanluo show off his incompetence and take the place of others? Gu Fangzhi shook his head and chuckled. The woman looked delicate, but her words were elegant but sharp. Listen to the girl's accent, not a native of Chang'an? He let go of the formerly unpleasant subject. As expected, the adult observed subtly. "Does the girl have a place to go?" "Not yet." As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she wished she could bite her tongue. Why did she tell the truth? With a smile on his face, Gu Fangzhi said slowly, "Why don't you let Fangzhi be the host and thank you for the banquet?" It was clearly a question, but he was sure that she could not refuse it at all. ***ing officer! Yan Luo scolded again in his heart,pipe fittings manufacturer, and then he nodded his head. Although there are two big cities in Chang'an, restaurants have already broken through the two cities and developed to the outskirts of the alleys. From Chunjiangmen to Qujiang, there are many restaurants along the way. 
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